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One night back in 2005 Lillo Brancato Jr and a friend, both coming down from a recent crack binge, were desperately looking to score some heroin to take the edge of their withdrawals.They couldn't find any, so instead made their way to the house of someone Lillo knew in the Bronx who would be in the possession of some prescription/opiate based tablets, which would give the same hit as snorting heroin. Brancato smashed a window to gain entry and was caught coming out of the premises by next door neighbour and off-duty police officer, Daniel Enchautegui.But some have, Be it driving while DWI or DUI ( I got one in Fla.), fighting, horsing around or just plain bad luck.And while Lilo didn't actually pull the trigger he went to a drug dealers house with the intent of robbing him with a friend who had a gun.

Every second since then he has been remorseful," Gannascoli's statement read.Making his sensational film acting debut as Calogero Anello in the classic New York gangster based movie ' A Bronx Tale' actor Lillo Brancato Jnr had the acting world at his feet.But despite being taken under the wing by Robert De Niro and going on to appear in films like ' Crimson Tide' and ' Renaissance Man', as well as playing tragic wannabe gangster ' Matt Bevilaqua' in The Sopranos - it just wasn't enough for the now 39 year old actor, who unfortunately went on to cultivate both crack cocaine and heroin addictions, something which ultimately led to the death of an off duty police officer and a 10 year prison sentence."But the fact remains that because of his actions he committed the ultimate sin and made more so by the fact that it was a Cop that was shot and killed.We all have made terrible mistakes in our lives and most of us were lucky enough to have not made it cost a life.

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