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The Skype UWP app on Windows 10 is a good example of the “modern Skype” that works pretty great for the most part, but it isn’t full-featured just yet.And now, it looks like Microsoft is working on a similar reboot for the Skype app on Android.For instance, Bing is integrated right into conversations and it has a dedicated tab on the chat UI that will easily let you search anything you want on the web.Once you search something, you can share the search results in a conversation with a single tap.This studio did in fact give me my first grey hairs.

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We spoke about its launch, its future and more over an often sketchy Skype line, and over the 30 minute conversation it struck me that - through the swearing and the tangents and the soundbites - no matter where you stand on Bleszinski, it's certainly grand to have him back. Cliff Bleszinski: My wife's been with me eight years this august - the only game she's been with me when I've shipped was Gears 3.Then Epic was like let's do a game jam, and they wound up doing this little project doing Fortnite that I was walking on before Tencent bought all my shares. It took a while to come out - because making games is hard - but what's happened in that time-frame is established triple-a brands are still moving along at a decent clip - your Call of Duties, your Assassin's Creeds - and you see this mid-tier game returning.There's this kind of thing that's happened that everyone got tired of this post-apocalyptic look that everything rubberbanded back to this bright cartoony look.The software giant recently released a new Skype Preview app on Android, for those part of the Skype Insiders program.The new Skype app for Android is a completely revamped Skype — from the icons, to the layout of the app has been completely redesigned.

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