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He was fined £4,000 and placed on the sex offenders register for five years. On 31 July 2011, Thomson made his debut for Kaunas and provided assist for Evaldas Razulis in a 3-1 win over FK Kruoja Pakruojis.On 28 August 2011, Thomson scored his first goal in A Lyga league and scored again in a 2–1 win over Sūduva Marijampolė.“It is serious enough of course when a teacher admits this kind of conduct towards a pupil.“We expect teachers to ensure that children under their care are safe from abuse, and that has not happened.” Gary, who is now 17 and waived his anonymity to speak about the fling, said she ought to be spared jail. If I was in her husband’s position I wouldn’t be happy.This is a glossary of Scots English words as well as slang, jargon and Scots Language, with their meanings and where appropriate; an example of their use.It's worth noting that Scotland has 3 languages (English/Scots/Gaelic) and a collection of different dialects.

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Sheriff Robertson said her actions were at the less serious end of the sex offences scale but added: “Some of course may say that had it not been detected it could have led to more serious activity towards the other end of the scale, but that is speculation.“Once at the flat, after some time, you paired off and you and the victim engaged in sexual intercourse. She had no concerns and there was no suggestion of her being distressed.” Police officers who had spoken to the victim earlier in the night in relation to another matter also had no concerns over her age, Lady Scott said in her order.The judge said Cieslak was culpable under “strict liability”, where victims under 13 are deemed by law to be incapable of consent.Miss Carle has said she was “certain in her heart” that he was not responsible for the crimes.But, speaking after the verdict, Chief Inspector Phil Chapman, of Grampian Police, said: “This case shows that people from all walks of life can be involved in this kind of sickening activity.” NHS Grampian refused to comment on the case but said the doctor was no longer working for the health board.

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