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The accomplished photographer also encountered signs of the predator over the years. He isn’t surprised a mountain lion walked through his yard.

He knows that where deer roam in the hills of Southern California, mountain lions that hunt them can be close by. He said California is the only state with legislation protecting mountain lions.

David Pelham’s ‘critter cam’ captured a rare image when he was away with his wife, Barbara, recently from their Idyllwild home.

While reviewing images last week, he saw more than the usual deer, coyotes, raccoons and foxes the device usually photographs behind their cabin on the south side of Idyllwild.

The City's sanitary sewers convey wastewater to the Alexandria Renew treatment facility.

Infiltration and inflow are terms that describe groundwater and stormwater that enter the sanitary sewers through leaks in pipes and through connections such as roof downspouts, driveway drains and sump pumps.

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Since I now live within 3 miles of the Adirondacks, there's plenty of pictures to be taken!

If you go skiing and have a digital camera, and want your picture featured on the Cam, just let me know via email, and I'll likely post it!

They can also cause overloading at the treatment facility. Through 2010, City contractors have collected data in the Four Mile Run, Commonwealth, Taylor and Holmes Run sewer service areas over the past fifteen years to look for sources of infiltration and inflow.

The NELSAP cam will feature pictures of ski areas, hiking trips, weather, scenery, and other random pics that may be of interest to NELSAP readers.

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