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Navy Support Activity Souda Bay earned second place with a reduction of 13.1 percent, and NSA Bahrain earned third place for decreasing usage by 11.5 percent.Second and third place winners will receive ,000 and ,000 respectively.The cash prizes awarded to the installations will go toward base improvements.This marks the third year of the "Energy Biggest Loser" competition held throughout the EURAFSWA Region and the second win for NAS Sigonella. Are the team percentages showing total team pounds lost, or stacked percentages? Can we enter our info and use your site for the remaining weeks?

Also, some of the contestants can be quite cocky or overly dramatic in a "whoa is me" attitude.Antonio Piluso, Sigonella's installation energy manager, attributed their success to efforts in raising awareness."We shared tips on how people could reduce their energy consumption such as making sure lights in offices are off, switching off the computer monitors and speakers during lunch breaks, turning off computers at the end of the work day, and not leaving doors or windows open in a spaces with air conditioning on," said Piluso. My office (less than 10 people) just wants to play among ourselves. My office wants to play against another office within our company. My office wants to play against another office in another company. My company has a couple branches and wants to play against another company with a couple branches. Unlike other weight loss websites that make you pay to use their services, the Corporate Fitness League believes losing weight should be 100% free. All you need is an email address and a group of people with a desire to lose weight.

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